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The Week in News: 1/15/18

The band is happy to again be featured on this week's Rockabilly and Blues Radio Hour with James Riley from Nashville. This week "Whiskey Blues" from their Debut Record "Currents" is featured as the 2nd song in the podcast. Thanks, James! Can't wait to hang out when we hit Nashville! You can listen to the whole episode on James' Website.

Kyle Lacy & the Harlem River Noise will be making an appearance at Eddie Owen Presents @ Red Clay Music Foundry, on January 31. They're proud to call Atlanta a home-away-from-home, since Kyle was born & raised there. Tickets are available for this performance.

They're also proud to announce that during South By Southwest in Austin, they'll be appearing on the Driskill Hotel Stage, at 9:00 in the evening on March 16. Stay tuned for further details... This has been "The Week in News" with Kyle Lacy & the Harlem River Noise!